Project 1886 Progress Update

Project 1886 donors celebrated the first phase of renovating 200 Center Ave (and some much needed rain) at an event on April 29, 2022


Project 1886 Progress

67 individuals and 15businesses donated funds to save the oldest building in Oakley. They believed in what was possible and became part of the solution.

82 donors from Logan County chose to invest in the vision for Project 1886!

"Create value and good things will happen"- Neal Patterson, Patterson Family Foundation

LCCF is committed to progress and improvement within Logan County for the long-term growth and well-being of individuals and organizations. LCCF completed a feasibility study, encouraged local donations and applied for grants. The City of Oakley and Logan County both donated to the cause. Showing local support increased the community's credibility. The Patterson Family Foundation and Dane G. Hansen Foundation recognized our problem and the community's enthusiasm. We received $250,000 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and$150,000 from the Patterson Family Foundation.

With 44% local donors and 55% grant dollars: Together, we raised over $715,000!

Phase I:

  • Bricks: A safe exterior was the first priority in renovating. The south wall was completely rebuilt with new brick. All loose exterior bricks were removed and replaced. New mortar and anchoring pins were added where needed.
  • Roofing: Next to safety the next priority was efficiency. A new roof was installed with added insulation. These improvements will not only add curb appeal but will contribute to lower maintenance costs over time.
  • Windows: The updated facility has a total of 30windows. These will be upgraded to increase efficiency and energy savings. Several new windows will improve the natural light inside the building. All windows should arrive mid-May to be installed by the end of the month.
  • Doors: Interiors doors were ordered and will arrive with the windows. A hidden door was uncovered during renovations to the exterior work and will create a new entrance to the building.

Phase III:

  • Restoration: Project 1886 includes an upstairs apartment that LCCF intends to renovate in Phase III. No one has lived in the space since the 1950s, so this part of the project will be done as a final phase.
  • Repurposing: Renovations to the apartment will showcase the beautiful, original woodwork of the building. LCCF's hope is that the apartment will welcome tourists and visitors to Oakley.
  • Stay tuned: Follow our Facebook page and website to stay up to date and read how the project is going.

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