A Landmark Commitment: Logan County Community Foundation Pledges $100,000 to the Western Vista Building Complex

Investing in the Future of Logan County


New grant announcement!

A Milestone for the Community

We are thrilled to announce that the Logan County Community Foundation is pledging $100,000 to the construction of the new Western Vista Building Complex. This generous grant, the largest in our Foundation's history, will be dispersed over the next five years.

Investing in Logan County's Future

As the executive director, I view this investment as much more than financial support for a construction project. It's a tangible commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our community, serving current residents and future generations alike.

What Sets This Grant Apart

The magnitude of this grant reflects our deep commitment to the betterment of Logan County. We're confident that the Western Vista Building Complex will become a valuable resource, setting the stage for future collaborative projects and initiatives in the area.

Fulfilling Our Mission

The $100,000 pledge aligns perfectly with our foundation’s mission to serve and uplift our county. It’s an exciting leap towards a future where Logan County continues to flourish, thanks to the collaborative spirit of its residents.


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